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EYBS Electronic Document Management System

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Founded in 1998, our company provides software solutions to various public institutions and organizations, especially local administrations.





Mobile Application



Kamu24 management information system applications can be used from any terminal inside or outside the organization *, eliminating job loss by allowing you to do your job from other terminals in case of a failure on your own computer.
With the applications used in other institutions, you save a considerable amount of time with the possibility of data exchange and eliminate the possibility of errors. For example, sending the tender text directly to the JCC platform for the procurement notice.
Legislation and application changes are adapted to the system very quickly.
You can easily use the application even from a computer that does not have many features that can connect to the Internet. You do not need to purchase hardware again.
It is not important what the operating system is on terminals that use web-based applications. Windows operating system, Pardus operating system, etc. You can use the application to connect from web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) without any problems.
Kamu24 You can access and use Web-based applications from mobile devices such as Pocket PC and PDA.
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Choose your need

If you are a large corporation with more than the number of users listed below, please contact us for special prices.

Basic - 5 Users

TL1699 / Ay

  • Analytical Budget - Accrual Accounting
  • Human Resources Payroll
  • Property Management
  • Wedding
  • Incoming - Outgoing Documents
  • Board of Directors
  • KBS Revenue Applications
  • Advanced System Management

Premium - 20 Users

TL2799 / Month

  • In addition to the Standard Package
  • Human resources
  • Electronic Correspondence (E-Signature Supported)
  • Registered Email                                     
  • Purchase
  • Outreach
  • Police
  • Property Management

Professional - 50 Users

TL8699 / Month

  • In addition to the Premium package
  • Electronic Document Management System
  • E-Municipality applications
  • E-Service applications
  • Machine Automation Automation
  • Cemetery Information System
  • Address and number
  • Takbis
  • Expropriation Application
  • Park and Gardens Application
18% VAT will be added to the prices indicated in the table and training fee will be added upon request.

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