PART I : Analytical Budget

  • Budget definitions and concepts
  • Explanations of the expenditure budget codes
  • Explanations of the revenue budget codes
  • 2009-2011 budget preparation guide
  • Tables and documents to be used

PART II : Accrual Accounting

  • Definitions
  • Donations and assistances
  • Account plan
  • Explanation and examples for each accounting code
  • Operations at the beginning of period
  • Operations at the end of period
  • Management period account
  • Tables and documents to be used

PART III : Chattel

  • Responsibilities and tasks
  • Book and documents
  • Counting and transfer operations
  • Chattel management account
  • Chattel final accounts
  • Take delivery of chattel donations and assistances
  • Schematic representation and explanation of chattel implementation process
  • List of chattel codes
  • Chattel tables books and documents

PART IV : Local Revenues

  • Building Tax
  • Land Tax
  • Regulation relating to discretion of tax values which will be base of Property tax.
  • Discretion of the tax value of the building
  • Property tax share responsibility of the Mayor
  • Environmental Cleaning Tax
  • Announcing and Advertising Tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Communications Tax
  • Electricity and Gas Consumption Tax
  • Fire Insurance Tax
  • Occupancy charge
  • Charge of operating licenses for holidays
  • Spring water charge
  • Broker charge
  • Measuring and Weighing Instruments inspection charge
  • Building Construction Charge
  • Record and Copy charge
  • Charges for zoning
  • Examination, Licenses and Report charge
  • Certificate of health charge
  • Application principles and payments of various charges
  • Road expenditure share
  • Sewerage expenditure share
  • Water plant expenditure share
  • Detection of tax and scale of charges
  • Chargeable works
  • Museum entrance fee and municipalities shares of mining
  • Execution of tax procedure law
  • Public receivables collection procedure law
  • Municipal Collection Regulations
  • General Communiqué of Collection
  • Collection Procedure of Administrative Fines
  • Installment application
  • Tax ruling examples

CD attachment:

Books, tables, necessary documents, up-to-date charts of accounts codes, chattel codes, budget codes, communiqués of municipality revenues, tax rulings, Council of State judgments, other application examples and remarks are included in free of charge CD attachment